Our Children

  • George Geofrey
    Tumaini has housed or assisted approximately 87 children since it began in April of 2006. The children and their stories that you see in this album are the ones being cared for currently on-site. Enjoy meeting our children!

Our Staff

  • Deborah Charles
    The Tumaini staff, at present, consists of 19 people. 1 Manager, 2 Manager Helpers, 1 Nurse, 1 Head Caregiver, 7 Caregivers, 2 Laundress, 2 Cooks, 1 Maintenance worker, and 2 Security Guards.

Our School Pictures

  • Juma
    The children started school at Greenview English Medium School in January 2011. Out of our 50 children: 4 remained at home, 10 were brand new to school and the remaining 36 had attended public school previously. All the children currently in Standards 1, 2 & 3 have all had to drop back to a lower grade and many in Prep 2 as well. This is necessary because all the instruction is done in English and the children are learning this new language as they go. The remediation, though tough, is necessary so that they can all have a good foundation for the future.

Our Building Projects

  • Main House Dining Area
    In January of 2011, we were able to begin some long-awaited building and expansion projects for the orphanage. We are hopeful this will be just the beginning of improvements that need to be made. We thank the Lord for His good provision for us.

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ken martens

Hi there, I just stumbled onto your web site by accident.
My brother in law and I were in Mwanza a year ago, while there we made a contact with a church near the airport. The church asked us to aid them in the care of orphans in their area. After praying about it we felt it was something we wanted to followup with.
This past year we have been fundraising and supporting this group, we are now up to 50 children. My brother in law Jake and I are planning to get to Mwanza again, maybe in the fall. It would be great to build a relationship with you if possible and see if we could glean some info and maybe also be able to encourage you in some way.
Hope to hear from you.
Ken Martens
Abbotsford BC Canada

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