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Baraka Tumaini

Baraka Tumaini

Tumaini Playground

Baraka arrived at Tumaini on June 18, 2008. Social Services had called to request a meeting about Baraka. He had been abandoned a few days previously. He is mute and has mental problems. He sometimes eats trash and defecates all over himself. SS was going to leave him at Bugando, in the mental ward, but the older boys could mistreat him. Then SS was going to leave him at another place near here, but they would also abuse him. SS tried to get him into a place in Dodoma, but there was no room to be had. Baraka came to Tumaini with no name and was given the name 'Baraka.' It means "blessing" in Swahili. He has to be constantly watched or he will start eating trash. He likes to run away when his name is called. Thankfully, he is not aggressive toward the other children and in turn the other children are kind and helpful to him. He will even speak some words now (2/10), though there is no comprehension. In November 2010, we had an opportunity to place Baraka in a children's center in Dar es Salaam that could arrange for his special needs more adequately than our children's home is able to do.