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Ferdinand & Baraka
Waiting to be seen by Dr. Mnema
Who's next?
Dr. Mnema checks out Adam's insides
Saturday visit to the Howell's house
Playing with the rabbits in the sandbox
Wini and the rabbit
Awaiting orders to get on the bus
Excited about the bus ride
Getting ready to march with our Children's Day sign
Little kids waiting for the big kids to arrive
Enjoying popsicles on Children's Day
Mama Carlo arrives and is an immediate hit!
Jana reading to the kids
Beth & Andrea - note the upside down sunglasses!
Calista, Sara and Mwita enjoy their Saturday visit
Fikiri, Sara and Hadija: curious about the camera
Children listening intently to instruction
Andrea coloring in his 'A' for apple
Mama Carlo and her 4-year old class
Mama Carlo and her 5-year old class
Posing and ready to play
Playing in the sandbox
The boys enjoying their soda
Zena playing jenga
Mama Carlo reading to Wini
Kids playing football
Julia, Perpetua & Fikiri behind their masks
Beth & Carol
The graduates await!
Amani receiving his leaving certificate
Amani graduates from Standard 7
Amani & his friends at graduation
Frankie & Masheshela
Andrea & his dragonfly
The whole lot of them
Amani & Daudi
The boys playing
Yakobo and tears
The crew
Neema & Ema
Levina & Zena
Zena, Wini, Minza & Neema
Saidi & Hawa